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This table attempts to collect all known regular livestreams centered around Go. Please keep each table sorted alphabetically by name.

Note that conferences and podcasts have their own wiki pages already, and should not be included here. Similarly, meetups are already collected here.

In English

Name Topic (short) Frequency Link
Ashley Jeffs Working on Benthos and OSS Twice per week
Chewxy Hacking around. Usually machine learning / deep neural networks related Weekly
Jordan Lewis CockroachDB internals Twice per week
Matt Layher Linux networking/syscalls in Go Twice per month
Matthew Dempsky Hacking on the Go compiler Three times per week
Michael Stapelberg Hacking on OSS projects Aiming for 1x/month
Travis Jeffery Distributed systems and data streaming Twice a month

In Russian

Name Topic (short) Frequency Link
Good reviewer - Bad reviewer Code review and commentary for open source projects Weekly YouTube
Generic Talks Podcast about Go and systems programming Weekly YouTube

In Chinese

Name Topic (short) Frequency Link
Go 夜读 - TalkGo Weekly Go Online Meetup Weekly YouTube, Bilibili, GitHub

Last update: March 1, 2022