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Prior Discussion


This page links to prior discussion on various topics.

The page complements the official FAQ. While the official FAQ contains things which are frequently asked and contains answers, this page contains things that have been repeatedly asked, but maybe not frequently, and only needs to link to one or more previous threads. Over time, these entries may graduate to entries in the official FAQ.

Editors: When editing this page, please don't change the titles of sections, as that breaks the #anchors in URLs. You can rearrange, though. Feel free to add entries at will. There is no requirement for code or English review here.

Asked Questions & Prior Discussion

Panics on sends or closes of closed channel


Thread-local, Goroutine-local storage


Add explicit int-to-bool conversions

Rejected, see

Add mechanism to silence vet warnings

Rejected, see discussion in golang/go#17058

Add vet warning for unused function arguments

Rejected, see

Make go get more verbose / add a progress bar

Rejected, see golang/go#17959

Shorten error handling / return sugar

Rejected, see golang/go#16225

Rejected, see golang/go#15507

Make unused imports/variables a warning, not an error


Add warnings to the Go compiler

Experience in large projects has shown that warnings pile up until people ignore all warnings, so warnings only add noise and no value (or are actively harmful in that they hide bugs). See

Weak references

Unlikely to be added. See discussion at!topic/golang-nuts/PYWxjT2v6ps, and!topic/golang-nuts/MMWXRANh0-g which points out that sync.Pool is a specific form of weak reference.

Last update: March 1, 2022